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 Youth Camps

A Place to Build Friendships and Make Life-Changing Decisions!

For many years now, the staff at Mount Moriah Christian Camp has had the chance to see teen and junior campers make life-changing decisions. The Mount Moriah Staff is trained and certified to take care of any accidents that may occur. The Staff's goal is not to take the place of the youth leader, but to help build the relationship between the youth leader and their young people. Any campers that make a decision are always encouraged to get with their youth leader. Teen Camps and Junior Camps are two separate camps that operate at Mount Moriah. Youth leaders will also have an opportunity to get helpful training through Youth Worker Training sessions by the guest speaker and experienced youth workers. They also will have an opportunity to recharge their batteries by enjoying activities with other youth workers. Whether you are coming with a group or just by yourself, we would be thrilled to see you this summer for Teen Camp or Junior Camp at Mount Moriah!  

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